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About Jamii

Jamii is a virtual incubator developed by a small team at the University of Waterloo’s Conrad, Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre and has been running business incubation challenges in Canada, Kenya and Egypt. Jamii means ‘community’ in Swahili and aims to provide entrepreneurial teams with the tools, leaning materials and most importantly, the connections needed to successfully launch their ventures and build a global support system.

Combining traditional communications features that emulate real world interactions, Jamii provides a virtual space where entrepreneurs can come together, test their idea, learn from one another, compete in challenges, and receive both international and local mentorship that help start, build and grow their venture ideas and strengthen their global competitiveness.

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How it works


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Jamii Global

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Jamii Global

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The Jamii Modules

There are different ways that Jamii can work for you. As a global innovation challenge, integrated into an existing business course. Or as a stand-alone course.

Innovation Challenge Module

Teams develop solutions to pressing global problems. Soft-landing in local incubators could be a possibility. 3-9 months

Stand-Alone Course Module

Structured as a stand-alone virtual course or elective. 1 semester

Course Integration Module

This module is integrated into an existing course structure. 1 semester

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